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Team e-mail

The following is a message from the team captain of your World Community Grid team.
We’re writing to you with the sad news that we have decided to phase out the Computing for Good giveaway–in its current form–over the next month. This decision was not easy.
We made this decision for two main reasons:
To re-focus our strategy for XRP distribution
The Computing for Good giveaway system is in desperate need of a fundamental re-architecting
Our new giveaway strategy
Right now, the most pressing need for the Ripple ecosystem is on-boarding more gateways. In service to attracting more gateways, we will focus engineering resources on user giveaways that help gateways attract new customers.
Issues with Computing for Good
Recent issues that you may have noticed include:
World Community Grid changed its website several days ago, which in turn broke our point calculation system because we relied on the website to perform payout calculations.
Computing for Good led to a small set of community members setting up mining operations to maximize their daily take – 1% of the participants earn 50% of the XRP disbursed daily.
We’ve also seen a small set of team members brute force attack other World Community Grid (WCG) accounts to register others’ computing time for their own XRP redemption. This activity is unacceptable and unfair to team members who just want to do good.
The WCG API used in the giveaway architecture is sometimes unreliable, which disrupts timely payouts.
We’re winding down the giveaway during April 2014, and will first shut off new user registration, and then slowly decrease the amount of daily distributed XRP. In the meantime, we’re committed to honoring all missed payouts. Please write into with your WCG username, the dates that you have not received payouts for, and a screenshot of your “My Statistics” page from the WGC webpage for any dates that are missing or incorrect on your Computing for Good stats page.
We’re also searching for a suitable partner who can help us re-build the Computing for Good giveaway and make it more robust and better than it was before!
THANK YOU all for participating in Computing for Good. Team Ripple Labs on World Community Grid grew to 22,000 team members, making it the largest team of all time, and generated 36,880 years of run-time – wow, we are so grateful! Your contribution has surely been a significant resource for scientific researchers.
The Ripple Labs team
Your captain,


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